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Single Use Barbecues

Single Use Barbecues

Single Use Barbecues

Single use barbecues have been available at retail for a number of years. Despite attracting some negative assessments, this combination of barbecue set, fuel and firelighter is becoming increasingly popular.

Certain points need to be kept in mind when manufacturing and using single use barbecues: To ensure that the barbecue can be enjoyed without any concerns, the barbecue must not only be handled safely and positioned securely, it must also allow safe ignition and the charcoal must burn reliably.

Confidence is Good - DIN-Geprüft is Better!


DIN CERTCO has been certifying barbecue products for over 15 years. The DIN certification marks on barbecue products have become an important decision-making criterion for dealers and consumers alike. The "DIN-Geprüft" mark on firelighters and the DINplus quality mark on charcoal are highly regarded in industry and commerce.

Given the increasing demand for a test mark for single use barbecues, DIN CERTCO has decided to develop a new certification scheme in collaboration with its testing partner Eurofins Institute Jäger and with the support of the German Barbecue Industry Association Grill (BIAG) e.V.

Testing and Certification

The certification is based on results of product testing in accordance with European standard:

  • DIN EN 1860-4 "Appliances, solid fuels and firelighters for barbecuing - Part 4: Single use barbecues burning solid fuels, Requirements and test methods"

and of an annual surveillance of quality assurance system in the manufacturing facility providing by a DIN CERTCO inspector or by testing laboratory/ regulator body recognized by DIN CERTCO. The quality assurance measures for continuous self-monitoring and the relevant records are inspected as part of this process. A separate factory inspection must take place at each production site and this must relate clearly and in detail to the products being monitored. All necessary laboratory tests are carried out according to standardized test methods and by an independent testing laboratory.

Testing and Assessment

The single use barbecue is tested for its thermal and dynamic properties to ensure the trouble-free functionality and safe use. The combustibility, the stability of a single use barbecue will also be examined in context of product testing according to European standard.

With the certification of single use barbecue a product testing of delivered with firelighter and fuel is also considered. The firelighter is tested according to DIN EN 1860-3 on its chemical composition to exclude harmful substances that may volatilize during combustion. On the other hand the fuel is tested according to DIN EN 1860-2. A fuel, for example charcoal, which is used when barbecueing, must deliver the most efficient and durable heat. For this reason, the combustion time and the radiation intensity of a fuel in addition to the carbon content in the product are also tested. If the fuel an impregnated charcoal is, this is also tested on its chemical composition similar to the firelighter to exclude harmful substances that may volatilize during combustion as well.

Only those single use barbecues are granted the certification mark "DIN-Geprüft", which provide the accordance with the standards by a successfully passing test in a testing laboratory recognized by DIN CERTCO and subsequent neutral assessment.

After a positive conformity assessment DIN CERTCO issues a certificate, which has a validity of 5 years. This certificate can be renewed on request for 5 years more. An individual registration number on the certificate protects against misusing of the DIN mark.

All DIN CERTCO certificate holders can be viewed on a daily basis under www.dincertco.de


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Single Use Barbecues

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