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Biodegradable in Soil

Biodegradable in Soil

Mulch films help to protect plants, improve soil and increase yields in agriculture and horticulture. A major problem with conventional mulch films is the time-consuming collection of residues after use or the enrichment of small plastic fragments in the soil. Biodegradable mulch films have long been used as an alternative in agriculture and horticulture. In particular, the possibility of leaving the film to rot directly on the field after use is appreciated. The newly developed

DIN EN 17033 Plastics - Biodegradable mulch films for use in agriculture and horticulture defines European requirements for these biodegradable mulch films for the first time. At the same time as this standard is published, DIN CERTCO offers certification for mulch films, semi-finished products and materials according to DIN EN 17033. With the certification “Biodegradable in Soil” you as manufacturer or supplier can prove the biodegradability of your products in soil.

Trust is good - DIN-Geprüft biodegradable in soil is better

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A neutral and independent certification by DIN CERTCO has provided the necessary confidence for many years. With the recognized and neutral certification mark DIN CERTCO offers the manufacturer and suppliers the possibility to convince his customers of the quality of his products and to provide him with assistance in making decisions - for our mark is a sign of trust!

Basis of Testing

The certification mark "DIN-Geprüft" is granted on the basis of the certification scheme "Biodegradable in Soil". It is based on the following DIN EN 17033 and was developed with regard to the requirements together with the DIN CERTCO certification committee ZA-BAW and DIN CERTCO, in order to offer the manufacturers the highest possible market and demand-oriented DIN certification.

According to the above standard, the following tests are required:

  • Chemical analysis (Determination of regulated metals and other substances)
  • Ultimate biodegradability in soil
  • Toxicity plant growth test
  • Earthworm toxicity test (acute or chronic)
  • Nitrification inhibition test with soil microorganisms
  • Infrared-Transmission Spectrum

Additionally for mulch films:

  • Testing of dimensional, mechanical and optical properties
  • Testing of film designation and marking

The tests must be carried out in a testing laboratory which has been approved by DIN CERTCO.

Verification test

All registered or certified products undergo regular verification by means of IR spectroscopy. Chemical characterisation also has to be conducted once during the term of the certificate/registration validity.


The certification of materials (for example granulates) and semi-finished items (for example films) is valid for 6 years, the validity of certificates of end-products is 5 years.


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Biodegradable in Soil

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