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PEFC™ Certifications

PEFC™ Certifications

Verify Your Sustainable Forest Management with a PEFC™ Certification

Our four PEFC™ Certification types
Our four PEFC™ Certification types

The steadily increasing environmental awareness among the public is leading to a higher demand for sustainable products. The "Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes", PEFC™ in short, documents a responsible and environmentally-friendly forest management and timber production. With a PEFC™ Certification you therefore prove that you maintain or improve the ecological, economic and social roles of the forest.

We support you with the certification according to four PEFC™ programs:

Where with a PEFC™ Forest Management Certification you as a forest business prove the sustainability of your managed forests, the PEFC™ CoC Certification certifies the complete documentation and verification of the entire product chain (Chain of Custody). A PEFC™ Certification for Christmas Tree Farms verifies that Christmas trees are produced under consideration of ecological, economic and social aspects. If you want to prove that you meet the requirements for the management of a recreational forest, the PEFC™ Certification for Recreational Forests is the right choice for you.

Would you like to obtain one of the four PEFC™ Certifications? Our experts will be happy to advise you on the different programs: Please contact us now!

Strengthen the Trust of Your Customers with a PEFC™ Certification


With a PEFC™ certificate, you will be able to clearly differentiate yourself from the competition, because you document that you are highly committed to the protection of the environment and to a conservation-minded use of the resource and raw material wood. In addition, with the certification you are giving the end user peace of mind – because the PEFC™ logo is a visible proof that the products come from sustainably managed forests. Your PEFC™ certificate thus serves as a unique selling point setting you apart from non-certified forest owners or non-certified parties in a product chain.

Another benefit for you: with a low administrative expense, you will obtain an ISO compliant certification at a low cost. The rates are exactly defined and thus predictable.

The Easy Way to Your PEFC™ Certification

The precise certification process varies depending on the product type and the size of the company. Usually, the certification process has four steps:

Obtain your PEFC™ Certification in only four steps

  1. Application
    You contact our experienced experts. After submitting the required documents and coordinating the requirements for the auditor in charge, you will receive an order confirmation with a procedure number and instructions for the further procedural process.
  2. Audit
    We will conduct the audit on location at your premises and will inform you of any non-conformities during a closing meeting. Afterwards, the audit reports will be submitted by the auditor and the certificate is issued.
  3. Certification
    If all requirements are met you will receive your certificate. You may now use the PEFC™ logo on your products and thus demonstrate to your customers and end users that you manage your forests and process your timber in a sustainable way.
  4. Certification Renewal
    Your PEFC™ is usually valid for five years. The subsequent check tests are conducted on an annual basis and decide about the maintenance, suspension or withdrawal of a certificate.

DIN CERTCO as Experienced Partner for PEFC™ Certifications by Your Side

With our extensive expertise in the certification business, DIN CERTCO is the right partner for your PEFC™ Certification. With our easy and transparent certification process, we assist you on your path to a successful PEFC™ Certification and will give you competent advice at all steps. In addition, you will benefit from our large network of experts and from the opportunity to be entered in our database as a certificate holder after your certification. The data base is updated on a daily basis.

Demonstrate and document your sustainable and responsible management of the valuable resource and raw material wood. Make an appointment with our experts today

What You Should Know about the PEFC™ Certification – FAQ

Would you like to know more about PEFC™ Certification? Here, we answer the most frequently asked questions for you.

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What does PEFC™ stand for?

PEFC™ is the abbreviation for the international "Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes". The certification system for sustainable forest management is based on international decisions from the environmental conference in Rio in 1992 and its subsequent conferences.

What are the goals of PEFC™?

The primary goal of PEFC™ is the documentation and improvement of the sustainable forest management according to economic, ecological and social standards. Furthermore, the forest certification improves the image of the forest industry and of the renewable raw material wood.

Which countries recognize PEFC™?

PEFC™ is a standard that is recognized worldwide. In many countries, the PEFC™ Certification is already required as a proof that wood and paper come from legally and sustainably managed forests.

What are the benefits of a PEFC™ CoC Certification?

The PEFC™ CoC Certification does not certify just the wood itself but rather the entire product chain (chain of custody), from harvesting the material to the final intended purpose and destination. You therefore prove that the flow of materials is documented and verified without interruption and that your products indeed come from sustainably managed forests. With a certification, you create peace of mind for retail and for end users.

Can I combine a PEFC™ CoC Certification with a FSC® CoC Certification?

Yes, a combination with a FSC® CoC Certification is possible. Please let us know whether you are interested when you first contact us.

Why do I need a PEFC™ Forest Management Certification?

With a PEFC™ Certification, you verify the sustainable management of your forest. At the same time, you document that you are taking into account the ecological, economic and social roles of the forest. This gives you an advantage over your competitors and provides access to companies that are interested in certified forest businesses only.

Can I have my recreational forest certified?

Yes. Since 2015, it is possible to obtain a PEFC™ certificate for recreational forests. With a certification, you document that you are not only committed to a sustainable forest management but are also dedicated to the people who enjoy time outdoors, and that you meet the requirements for recreational forests.

Can Christmas tree farms be certified?

Yes. The PEFC™ Standard for Christmas Tree Production in Wooded Areas was passed in December 2014. It is based on the PEFC™ standards for sustainable forest management and was modified to reflect specific issues relevant to the production of Christmas trees. The certification is associated with an annual on-site audit, which is conducted on an individual company-basis.

You did not see your question? Please contact one of our experts – we will be happy to further assist you.

Important Documents for Your PEFC® Certification

pdf Application form PEFC™ CoC for Single-Site Certification 1 MB Download
pdf Application form PEFC™ CoC for Group-/Multi-Site Certification 1 MB Download
docx Application form PEFC™ Forest Management 60 KB Download
pdf Application form PEFC™ CoC for Group-/Multi-Site Certification (Chinese Version) 1 MB Download
pdf Questionaire Quoatation PEFC™ CoC 337 KB Download
pdf PEFC CoC Certification scheme 486 KB Download
pdf PEFC Chain of Custody 515 KB Download
pdf Flyer certifications in packaging 453 KB Download
pdf General Terms 209 KB Download
pdf FAQ PEFC® Certification 206 KB Download

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