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Fireplaces for Liquid Fuels

Fireplaces for liquid and gelatinous fuels (ethanol or gel fireplaces) have become increasingly popular over the past few years. More and more people like to have the atmosphere provided by a fireplace in their own home, but do not always have a classic fireplace installed. The small space required the economic purchase price and the advantage of not needing a chimney convince customers that ethanol fireplaces represent a real alternative.

But how safe are they? Do the flames stay in the fireplace? How does the fuel used behave with the additional chemical load of ethanol? How hot do the surfaces become? How stable is the fireplace? How comprehensive are the operating instructions? These safety-relevant criteria are tested in a test according to DIN EN 16647 . The regular production control as part of "DIN-Geprüft" certification guarantees consistent manufacturing quality.

Trust is good - DIN-Geprüft is better


With the recognized and neutral certification mark "DIN-Geprüft", DIN CERTCO offers the manufacturer and distributor of ethanol or gel fireplaces the possibility of convincing customers of the quality of their products and helping them with the purchase decision – for our mark is a sign of trust!

With a DIN certification the manufacturer documents that their ethanol or gel fireplaces have been tested and certified to all the safety-relevant criteria mentioned in the standard by neutral, independent and expert bodies.

A routine test is performed every 2.5 years to confirm that products have retained a high level of quality!

Testing foundations

The certification mark "DIN-Geprüft" (= Tested) is granted on the basis of the certification scheme for Fireplaces for liqued solid fuels which governs product testing and certification.

The certification scheme is based on this German standard:

  • DIN 16647 “Fireplaces for liquid fuels - Decorative appliances producing a flame using alcohol based or gelatinous fuel - Use in private households”

It specify the requirements and testing procedures for fireplaces for liqued fuels. The following criteria are subject to the testing:

  • The design
  • The materials
  • Stability
  • Safety against the fuel running out
  • The fuel storage container (fuel content)
  • The ignition mechanism
  • The operation
    • Fuel flow rate
    • Fuel safety
    • Combustion quality
    • Fire safety
  • Setup instructions
  • The operating manual
  • Labeling

Testing and assessment

To start the certification process please send in the signed and stamped application form. If you do not wish to receive a quotation, the schedule of fees in their current version applies.

Only those fireplaces for liquid fuels are certified with "DIN-Geprüft", that were successfully tested by a testing laboratory approved by DIN CERTCO, neutrally assessed and thus proofed their compliance with the relevant standards.

Please contact one of the DIN CERTCO recognized testing laboratories for coordination of the relevant testing.

After a positive assessment result DIN CERTCO issues a certificate which is valid for five years. An individual registration number on the certificate serves the protection for an impermissible use of the mark. The registration number for a clear identification of the certified product has the following structure: P2F000/YYYY.

For a continued maintenance of the certificate the certified product has to be tested after 2 ½ years. Please contact your testing laboratory for details.

All licensees are listed on our website under "Certificate Holder".


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pdf Certification Scheme Fireplaces for liquid fuels according to DIN 4734-1 (in German only) 174 KB Download
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Fireplaces for liquid fuels

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