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Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

For the reduction of cost in relation with energy an efficiently functioning regulation of heatings plays an important roll. The task of the thermostatic valve is to keep the heat supply constantly at a preset value.

At the same time, every room can be temperated individually according to its utilisation and requirement at the same time. Thus, "free" energy of internal and external heat sources is used, like solar radiation and lost heat of electronically equipment.

The EnEV (energy- saving- regulation) demands an energy-recovery back fitting in several cases. All commitments in relation with this regard have to be carried out immediately. Especially those, which were already contained in the existing heating system regulation act. This applies in particular for the equipment with single room regulations (thermostatic valves), which should already been done since the end of 1997.

Trust is Good - CENCER or KEYMARK is Better!

With the European "CENCER" mark or "KEYMARK" DIN CERTCO is able to offer manufacturer the opportunity to convince customers of the quality of its products beyond national borders and to support customers with their buying decisions.

The certification scheme for thermostatic radiator valves is a part of the CENCER (CEN- Certification) systems for certifications whereby products are tested according to its conformity with European standards and its production is under regular control.

It is used by interested CEN- members which means national standard institutes or authorized institutions. It is under control of the CEN- certification committee for thermostatic radiator valves (CCC3) as far as representatives of the CEN take part in the certification in that area. Representatives in these bodies are manufacturer and user of thermostatic radiator valves as well as delegates for the intermediate implementation of testings and controlling of competent testing laboratories and certification bodies.

Note: As from 2012-01-01 the previous "CENCER" mark will be replaced by the "KEYMARK". However, its contents will not change. The following motto applies: Everything stays different!

Testing Bases

The following European standard is basis for the award of the mark beside the "CEN- certification scheme for thermostatic radiator valves":

  • DIN EN 215 Thermostatic radiator valves - Requirements and test methods

Testing and Assessment

Only companies which confirmed the accordance of the standard through a passed test of DIN CERTCO and the CEN- certification committee (CCC3) accredited testing laboratory and the following neutral assessment are only allowed to use the "CENCER" mark or the "KEYMARK".

If a product achieved a positive assessment result DIN CERTCO is issuing a certificate, which is valid open-ended. The registration number for a clear identification of the certified product consists of the following body: 6Txxxx or for the KEYMARK 011-6Txxxx.

All certificate holders are published on our homepage and can be looked up under "Certificate Holder". Supplier, installers and consumer use this service for the information concerning certified products.

Third party surveillance

The third party surveillance takes place by a testing of types every four years as well as a yearly control test inclusive the inspection of the quality assurance system of the production.


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Thermostatic radiator valves

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