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Language study tour providers

Language study tour providers

Fluency in at least one foreign language is increasingly important in the working world. Due to meetings, presentations and negotiations involving international partners make language skills a necessity.

The decision to learn or to deepen a language in the context of a language journey "on the spot" provides with immeasurable advantages, and combines business with pleasure. Unfortunately, you cannot always trust on the quality statements made in the front-end at the choice of a language study tour. The standards are too different.

To ensure a journey and programme course which is suitable with expectations of participants, the DIN German institute for standardization together with well-known language study tour providers as well as other experts in this field created an European standard, so called DIN EN 14804, for the field of language study tours.

For the first time a corresponding standard has hereby been created. It also covers all further services, such as accommodation, support and leisure programme, besides the direct language instructions taking place in the classroom.

Certification Scheme

To give a reliable decision support for customers, a certification scheme was developed for language study tour providers by DIN CERTCO. Within this certification scheme, the quality scales are assessed (evaluated) by an independent inspector and special check lists, based on EN 14804.

After a successful assessment, a certificate with an unique licence is awarded to the language study tour provider, which enables him to use the quality mark DIN-Geprüft. With this quality mark, the supplier gets an unique selling proposition opposites other suppliers. The quality promise of the DIN-Geprüft language study tours provider was checked and confirmed by an independent third party.

Basis of Certification

The certification scheme was drawn up on the basis of the European Standard

  • EN 14804 "Language study tour providers - Requirements"

and is valid for a period of three years. The certification process includes an evaluation of the quality and range of the services providers by the supplier, which are specified in the certification scheme.

1. Document review:
On submission of the application for certification, the applicant must provide specified information and documents (e. g. description of services offered, proof of required qualification of personnel). These are used to check whether they meet the requirements for the classification applied for and justify an on-site assessment.

2. On-site assessment:

  • Audit meeting with the responsible manager and qualified personnel
  • Evaluation of facilities, equipment etc.
  • Inspection of at least one language school
  • Verification of the information given by the service provider
  • Inspection of documents and records

DIN CERTCO assesses on the basis of the report submitted by the inspector whether the applicant has met all specified requirements. When the result of this assessment is positive, a certificate is awarded and the licence to use the quality mark is granted.

Certified language study tours providers are monitored by DIN CERTCO during the period of validity of the certificate, i.e. a routine check is made whether the certificate holder continues to meet specified requirements.

In order to maintain the validity of the certificate, the certificate holder is further required to notify any changes that reduce or extend the range of certified services or relate to the qualification requirements of personnel. This information may make it necessary for the on-site assessment to be repeated.


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